Snow Lotus

Remedial, Chinese, Relaxation massage

  • Shop 2, 741 George Street Sydney

  • 0410 781 843

  • Shop 2, 741 George Street Sydney

  • 0410 781 843

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    Welcome to Snow Lotus

    Step into another world, another time, another place. Whether it is to pamper yourself, heal yourself or refresh yourself, the team at Snow Lotus is ready and able to meet your specific need. Our passion, simply, is the healing nature of Chinese remedial massage.

    A craft honed over thousands of years, it is the natural way of life for Chinese people to refresh and revitalise through massage. As well as Chinese Remedial Massage, we also specialise in Deep Tissue Massage and the relaxing Aromatherapy Massage.

    Whether it's a break from your stressful daily life, or a persistent pain that throws you off centre, we have the right therapy for you.

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    A wide range of massage options

    Massage techniques such as sports massage, trigger point therapy and PNF stretching combined for an overall curative approach. This is the classic Chinese approach to massage.


    This is a gentle massage alleviating muscle tension and promoting relaxation. A relaxation treatment to soothe the muscles, stimulate circulation and help rehydrate the skin from day to day stresses.


    A highy professional aromatherapy massage service for men and women in a fresh, warm, inviting and relaxing environment where our focus is on providing the highest quality service alongside excellent customer care.

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    Level 2, 68A Erskine Street, Wynyard.
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    We guarantee to provide quality relaxation & full body oil massage therapy to release the muscle stress from a tiring day. You will not be disappointed. Rooms are clean, comfortable and private. If you like, we can provide double service, meaning two team members will massage you.

    Rates (cash only)

    Single Double
    30 minutes $40.00 $70.00
    45 minutes $50.00 $100.00
    60 minutes $60.00 $120.00
    90 minutes $95.00 $190.00
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    • Shop 2, 741 George Street,
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